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John Jurewics

General Manager of Virtual Design and Construction, Wallbridge Technologies

John Jurewicz, a thought leader in the use of technology for theconstruction industry, is the General Manager of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) leading the company’s newly formed business unit, Walbridge Technologies LLC. Jurewicz Heads a specialized technology group for Walbridge Aldinger, currently conducting research utilizing various forms of scanning, radio frequency and multi-channel/multi frequency radar technologies. They are using this work to develop smarter infrastructure models for industrial planning purposes. Recent clients include several large steel and aluminum research mills as well as chemical processing facilities. He is an adjunct faculty member at Northwestern Universities McCormack School of Engineering since 2001, a published author and frequent conference speaker on the challenges presented with data integration. Walbridge Technologies consists of researchers, model makers, animators, rigging specialists, and integration coordinators. The Department’s focus is on the reuse of digital processes for complex projects, largely used in chemical and industrial plants. Jurewicz also leads a task force that specializes in reducing risk through improved safety evaluations.

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