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  • Hermann Union Building 3241 S Federal St Chicago, IL, 60616 United States

The IPRO Day Experience

At the end of each semester, multidisciplinary IPRO teams exhibit their work in a professional conference setting and compete for themed track awards. Teams depict their project accomplishments via professional posters and documentation, prototypes and other creative and interactive means. Members of the Chicago-area professional community who attend IPRO Day are able to interact with some of the most talented students in the U.S. and learn about cutting-edge research and user-centered design concepts at IIT.

Register for IPRO Day

IPRO Day attendees can join us by registering as a Guest or as a Judge. Register here. Whether attending as a guest or a judge, you will be able to engage in conversations with teams and other attendees across the exhibit floor in a span of a couple of hours. Exhibits are staffed by the teams from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm

Attending as a guest offers an opportunity to wander the exhibit floor and soak in the full range of IPRO team projects, following whatever interests you in the moment.

Serving on a judging panel and evaluating a track of five or six IPRO teams is a great way to devote a couple of hours and immerse yourself in the IPRO Day experience. Your judging role requires no previous training, so do not hesitate to volunteer! As you register, you have the opportunity to specify the track theme that you prefer and we are able to accommodate most preferences, depending on if we need a few more judges in one track or another. The traditional Judges' Orientation Breakfast starts at 9:00 a.m. and lunch is provided. 

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