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Burnham Works Speak & Connect: Construction Technology Trends

  • Burnham Works 1130 W Monroe St Chicago, IL, 60607 United States
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Lauren Hasegawa

Lauren Hasegawa

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BIO:  Lauren Hasegawa is a Structural Engineering graduate with a background in concrete restoration and is the Co-Founder of Bridgit. As a young engineer, Lauren has always had an interest in how new technologies can improve efficiency and productivity on construction projects. With this passion, she founded Bridgit in 2012. Bridgit focuses on developing mobile-first solutions that can help relieve on-site pain points, such as punch list management.  Lauren is an active mentor to young women in engineering and a frequent speaker at local and national industry events focused on construction innovation. 


KEYNOTE TOPIC:  Where We’re Headed: A Look at Construction Technology Trends for 2015

Today we’re seeing a lot of advancements when it comes to adopting new technologies onsite, and many companies are moving towards running fully paperless jobsites. However, while some leaders are adapting quickly, others are finding it more difficult to make the jump. The threat of this growing technological divide makes right now a more important time than ever for construction professionals to pay attention to emerging trends in technology and ideate around how these trends can help in the industry.


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