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Chicago Ideas Week: Cybersecurity - It's Time to Update Your Password...Again

  • Venue Six10 610 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL, 60605 United States

Chicago Ideas Week:
It's Time to Update Your Password...Again

Presented by Fast Company & Table XI

An estimated 50 percent of adults have had their personal and financial information hacked. Businesses have also suffered as consumer information has been leaked, credit card details have been stolen, and private information has become public. Large names like Target and VISA have made major headlines when security vulnerabilities within their infrastructure were exploited.

Digital security breaches have become major issues for organizations that seek to protect their customers and employees. But how much do you really know about security development and testing? One of our community sponsors, Table XI, is a custom web and mobile software developer in Chicago and the digital technology partner of Chicago Ideas Week. During next week's global CIW event series, they are hosting a talk dedicated to this topic of Cyber security that will be a huge investment for most of us in 2016.

Table XI and BuiltWorlds would like to co-host members of our community to this event next week. Ray Kelly, NYPD Commission on 9/11 will be one of the speakers discussing national security threats. Harvard Law Professor Gabriella Blum will lead a discussion on software hackers and drones effecting the future of cyber violence. Melody Hildebrandt will discuss how to protect financial institutions from data breaches. And Alex Rice will take on the difficult topic of hacking and how to make the world more secure.

The first 20 members of our community to RSVP will be able to join Table XI and BuiltWorlds for this event (free of charge) before it sells out. 

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