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Workshop: Hard Hat Hub - Technology in Human Resources

  • BuiltWorlds 1130 West Monroe Street Chicago, IL, 60607 United States

The days of Human Resource professionals sifting through a pile of paper resumes to fill their open positions are behind us... thankfully. New tech tools have permated all corners of our office, making the entirety of an employee's cycle from recruitment, hiring, wellness, and, ultimately, succession planning easier than they were even five years ago.

On November 3rd, BuiltWorlds will host Technology in Human Resources. Andy Jansen, COO and Co-Founder of Hard Hat Hub, will moderate this roundtable discussion while speaker Lindsay Stanton, Chief Client Officer of Digi-Me, will focus on the hot button issue of tech’s implementation inside your HR department. Once, this wing of your office was playing catch up with the rest of their co-workers. Today they are leading the pack, reminding themselves that yes, there IS an app for that. Through professional quality video solutions and harnessing the latest in cloud-based tracking and reporting technology, Digi-Me's short, customized recruitment videos spotlight career opportunities and corporate culture, to deliver information to job seekers in a way that is more engaging and accessible across all media.

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