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WORKSHOP: Burnham Nationwide - The Burnham Permitmapper Focus Group

  • BuiltWorlds 1130 West Monroe Street Chicago, IL, 60607 United States

Join us as we take a deep dive into the latest technology from Burnham Nationwide: the Burnham PermitMapper, to make Permit Searches Easier. No more searching for construction contracts, permit information or statuses. Get everything you need to know with instant, easy access right at your fingertips. The Burnham PermitMapper is a web application, designed for your mobile device, that allows you to seamless search for construction details quickly and accurately in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. The application equips you with construction and permit information, including issue date, type of permit, work description, PINs, up to the minute status, contractor information details and more.

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Carson Kyhl is the co-founder and President of Burnham Nationwide. He started Burnham after graduating from Iowa State University with a BS in Agricultural Business. Carson is always innovating and streamlining Burnham’s practices so that Burnham can provide solutions for our clients and maintain our reputation as the industry experts. He encourages teamwork, and empowers employees’ ideas. Regardless of project size or location, we can Simply Get It Done.



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