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2015 CAE Spring Conference

  • Detroit, Michigan United States

Detroit holds an important place in history.  Its rise, collapse, decades long struggles, and current rebirth have created a potentially unique microclimate for exploring examples of “anything goes” thinking when it comes to the challenges of inclusive education.

You will experience first-hand how Detroit has dealt with the departure of manufacturing jobs, the focus on cultivating the creative class that exists in Detroit, luring cutting edge high technology companies to the city, and the challenges of rejuvenating and reinventing its schools and infrastructure. In addition, more than a century of evidence based design will be experienced at the Cranbrook Educational Community in Bloomfield Hills. Founded in 1904, the campus is one of the world’s leading centers of education, science, and art. Decades of timeless design will be explored, from Eliel Saarinen and Albert Kahn to Steven Holl and Rafael Moneo, with the evolution and adaptation of design to changes in building technologies, economics, and how we teach and learn. On the last day of the conference, we will hear from a panel of leading visionaries and futurists on what education and its architecture will be as we drive towards the next “mid-century” milestone.

2015 Conference Planning Committee:  
Theo Pappas | Bob Varga | John Castellana | Dale Jerome | Stephen Vogel | Stuart Pettitt | Alan Cobb | Jack Bullo | Steve Shiver

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