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BuiltWorlds Presents: Tech Toy Chest at TechWeek Chicago

As rapidly advancing technology continues to shape how we act with the environment around us, Matt Abeles brings his acclaimed ‘Tech Toy Chest’ presented by BuiltWorlds to Techweek Chicago for the first time. As Co-Founder of BuiltWorlds, Abeles drives forward a company which catalyzes technology as they relate to the built environment. His Thursday afternoon panel will consist of companies showcasing revolutionary products that include virtual reality headsets, wearable technology, 3D printing, wind turbines, augmented reality helmets, and more. Hosted by Builtworlds’ Abeles and moderated by Hard Hard Hub’s Co-Founder Andy Jansen, Tech Toy Chest will focus on how emerging technologies will allow us to interact with an increasingly technological world, both on the jobsite and at home.

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