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Cloud Coverage: A 360° View from the Field

On July 30th, Applied Software’s Construction Technology Group, Autodesk, NewformaMasterGraphics and Heitman Architects all invite you to BuiltWorlds for Cloud Coverage: A 360° View from the Field. Autodesk construction industry strategist Stacy Scopano will provide an eye-opening keynote that will focus on evolving digital trends in the Construction landscape and their direct impact on project and your company's success.

Following Scopano's presentation on the BIM 360 "Cloud", you will be challenged to look at the software technology you know in different and exciting ways. On the BW stage, experts from the field will also demonstrate how BIM 360 “Cloud” can drive bigger efficiencies than you might have realized. Join us for an enlightening evening that delves deeper into the software that promises to lift all of our work even higher.

NOTE: Doors will open at 6:00 PM, and presentations will start at 7:00 PM.

In that first hour, attendees are encouraged to network, meet speakers and staff, and enjoy the food and beverages provided. Why the later start time? To accommodate anticipated visitors, including national committee leadership, from the annual AGC-IT Forum event downtown, which will have concluded its first day of activities at 6:00 PM.

Eventbrite - Cloud Coverage: A 360° View from the Field


Karl Heitman | Opening: How Heitman has been successful utilizing BIM
Introduction to Heitman Technology | 15 minutes

Dan Schulist & Richard Burroughs | Introduction & discussion of MasterGraphics and ASTI Partnership | 10 minutes

Richard Burroughs | 10 minutes

Stacy Scopano | Construction Forecast: Cloudy with 100% chance of Change | 45 minutes

Certainly we are all now comfortable with the notion of utilizing the cloud in our personal lives.  Storing data, sharing bits and pieces of our lives with others, and helping us all be more productive in what we do.  And while the construction industry has been slow to adopt advancemwents in technology, the cloud is helping bridge the ease of technology adoption while making logical connections between pre-construction, to construction execution and on through the commissioning and handover phases.  Utilizing the cloud means accessing elements of functionality for a specific scope/function of work——and then connecting it to people, locations, and downstream activities/processes in real-time. Learn how Autodesk and partner Applied Software are bringing productivity advancements to their customers leveraging the BIM 360 platform and cloud connected workflows.

Clinton Cook | The Implementation Problem | 10 minutes

Clinton compares the current state of data collection from the field to the enhanced state of data collection with the cloud. He offers a solution for how to leverage your data from preconstruction to coordination & fabrication to construction & commissioning to facility management & final turnover.

Zach Flynn | We solve your implementation problem | 10 minutes

Zach believes the idea of the cloud is exciting. But how do we get there as an industry? How do we standardize data so that everyone is tracking the same thing? And most importantly, how does it get implemented?

Chris Weaver & Andy Egan | 30 minutes

Chris Weaver, with Andy Egan, is an Industry Leader in Innovation, Cloud Technology & collaboration. He discusses why his company decided to start designing with owner handoff & facility management in mind.

Questions & Comments | 30 minutes
* Each company will present with 5 min Q&A afterwards


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