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4th International Architectural Education Summit (IAES), Singapore

  • The URA Centre 45 Maxwell Rd Singapore 069118

With the inaugural IAES Summit held in Tokyo in 2009, followed by Madrid and Berlin in 2011 and 2013, IAES's fourth summit stars in Singapore to address the topic of EMergining Networks in Architectural Education. IAES strives to foster a constructive dialogue between leading practitioners, academcis, and industry reps to make architectural education more relevant. It is this mission that emulates with us at BuiltWorlds and are so excited to see the IAES continue their global reach.

The conference is organised around the following 3 topics: 

  1. Alliances (Intra-Architecture): 
    To examine and discuss various examples, models, and methodologies for collaboration between architecture schools and other institutions, disciplines and industry.
  2. Boundaries (Extra-Architecture): 
    To examine and discuss the shifting boundaries of the field and discourse of architecture. What is taught, for whom and how to remain relevant are questions to be pondered.
  3. Technology (Para-Architecture): 
    To discuss technology as a theme, tool, and platform for creating networks and enhancing collaborations. 

Join the IAES for an exciting discussion on the latest developments in architectural education. 
Registration fee of SGD350 (inclusive of 7% tax) provides full participation in the summit including registration and conference materials; light breakfast, tea breaks, lunches and Networking Reception.

The Summit will be accorded 8 CPD points (by BOA-SIA) for those who attend all three days.

Register Here.

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