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Technology unveiling with Spare to Share

  • BuiltWorlds 1130 West Monroe Street Chicago, IL, 60607 United States

The Spare to Share team will be unveiling their web and mobile app supporting community and collaboration within residential and commercial building communities. The Spare to Share solution is used by property managers and residents to communicate and collaborate within their building. Primary features include a simple communication platform for property managers and residents, and between residents and other residents, a ‘Social Space’ for posting requests and needs throughout the building, a directory of residents and local businesses, a community calendar of events in the building and the neighborhood, and a market place for selling and sharing items and skills. Residents like it because it’s a simple and safe way to connect with neighbors without having to share your email or be Facebook friends. Property managers like it because a happier, more connected building community is easier to manage, reduces turnover, and saves them money.

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