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SmartWorlds: APD/P3 Infrastructure - Part 1

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Eventbrite - SmartWorlds: APD/P3 Infrastructure - Part 1

One of America’s greatest strengths has been its world-class infrastructure. Today, however, much of this vast network of railroads, power grids, roads, highways, sewers and engineered waterways lies aging and crumbling, as a result of underinvestment and a lack of political will.  At the same time, new cities around the world are investing in more efficient and sustainable systems, leaving us increasingly to wonder whether and how America can begin rebuilding its own infrastructure in a way that will allow the country to retain a leading world position in the 21st century.

Given the financial pressures at all levels of government, the public-private partnership has emerged as a promising way to finance the effort to rebuild America. However, despite the success of the approach in other countries, public-private partnerships, or P3s as they are often called, have seen a slow and often faltering start in the United States. Fears of ceding public assets to private, often foreign companies, a general lack of understanding about how P3s work and America’s more complex legal and political frameworks have all contributed to this slow start. However, despite the challenges, the BuiltWorlds community keeps returning to the imperative that something must be done to enable America to move forward on projects that ultimately are vital if the nation does not want to find itself among the “less developed countries” of the century.

So tonight, we dig deep into the realities and misconceptions of alternative project delivery methods (APDs) and P3s. We’ll deeply examine previous cases in order to get better educated about the ingredients necessary to develop successful public-private partnerships. Our panel of thought-leaders will present case studies live in front of an educated and engaged audience that, through their questions and comments, will help to ensure that we have an insightful and honest conversation about how P3s work and their role in helping us reclaim America’s infrastructure.



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