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SmartWorlds: Future Water

  • BuiltWorlds 1260 West Madison Chicago, IL, 60607 United States


Flint, Michigan... 

Those two simple words now bring our planet's most vital issue into stark relief. But there is much more to the broader drama than just rusty pipes. From lead-poisoned municipal water systems across the U.S. to California's longstanding drought and even the annual algal blooms on Lake Erie, the daily headlines and mounting data all point to a worsening crisis in both the quality and quantity of Earth's most precious natural resource.

But the world's water woes are much more than just an American problem. On the contrary, the United Nations estimates that nearly 800 million people currently have no access to clean drinking water. And more than 2.5 billion lack adequate sanitation. So the challenges are many, but so too are the potential solutions. Inspiring efforts to reclaim, recycle and reuse water are now under way, aiming to re-purpose greywater irrigation, to optimize stormwater management using big data and green infrastructure, and even to revive the resource via revamped wastewater treatment plants.

Yes, "from toilet to tap" is one urgent answer now realistically on the table in California, driven by the Mother of Invention, herself, Necessity. Today, water-starved Los Angeles is even contemplating a $1-billion program to achieve once unthinkable levels of purification. But that is just one drop in the roiling sea of creativity now swirling around this dynamic global market. Your chance to dive in is here!

On March 10, SmartWorlds: Future Water is the next special event in our ongoing, multi-disciplinary series that seeks to spur innovation and to promote smart, sustainable thinking to inform future action. The evening will begin at 5:30 pm with a networking reception in our new SmartWorlds Gallery, followed by presentations, discussion and audience Q&A on stage in our new BuiltWorlds Studio. Join this compelling conversation about perhaps the greatest challenge confronting our species in the 21st Century. And as a special bonus, this will all take place in the bright and roomy event space at BuiltWorlds' splashy new home, 1260 W. Madison St. in Chicago's West Loop.



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