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The Realities of 3D Printing

  • BuiltWorlds Media 1260 W. Madison St. Chicago, IL 60607

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Wednesday March, 30th 6:15 pm CST.

What are the The Realities of 3D Printing in the Built Environment? Having earned 2.75 billion dollars in 2015 alone, 3D Printing has plenty of hype surrounding it. That hype may be justified, but is it realistic? Even viable? How does this impact one of the most important industries in our society? For the crucial answers to these questions, BuiltWorlds embraced the next generation members of our community. In a joint venture with Northwestern University’s Mechanical Engineering school, we have united for a crash course into how the current two main challenges facing 3D Printing in the built environment can be overcome: methodology and structural integrity.

On March 30, this team...our team will present the progress of their project first-hand at our headline event The Realities of 3D Printing! In a show-and-tell fashion, our team will demonstrate concerns as to whether 3D printed construction or additive manufacturing works on a smaller level. Along with a panel of industry experts, we’ll examine the endless spools of filament surrounding present and future uses for 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing.

The Realities of 3D Printing will go much further beyond printing out a tiny widget. You’ll be able to see the ebbs and flows of the scholastic journey to reach that next echelon of how 3D Printing impacts the built environment. Join us, a cadre of industry experts, and team BuiltWorldsNU on March 30th to see what can be achieved in our classroom well before it is applied in the field.  


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