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Tech in Real Estate

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How has technology transformed the landscape of planning, financing, and real estate development? In this upcoming episode of Tech in Real Estate (moderated by Jones Lang LaSalle), we’ll explore the latest in spatial visualization and real estate mobility.

In our first segment: See how Floored uses 3D technology to create interactive spaces — even before a hammer is swung or foundation is poured. You’ll also hear how Matterport, a 3D media technology, is increasing buyer engagement through virtual model tours of real spaces.

In our second segment: Watch two companies take on our challenging mobile environment. Need to get out of your lease or find a subletter? Flip has created an online marketplace to solve that problem. Looking for temporary (and well designed) office space? Book a room on short notice on Breather.

Join us on July 14 and learn how these four startups are tackling consumer trends and impacting the real estate industry.


Susannah Vila- CEO, Flip

Mark Tepper- VP of Sales & Business Development, Matterport

Maggie Burns
VP of Real Estate, 

Sam Kennedy- Vice President, JLL

Peter Alden- VP, Sales, Floored



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