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CREforge Commercial Real Estate Hackathon

  • Transwestern


Whats a Hackathon? 

A hackaton is a creation event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people collaborate to engage in computer programming. Generally, hackathons are funded from large organizations and industry partners who seek to creation solutions within a particular industry which can be solved through technology. 

Simply put, CREforge is an event where organizations sign up to have a large group of developers solve an industry problem through the creation of a new technology. Developers have 3 days to collaborate and program, and prizes are awarded to the top solutions. 

What Are We Trying to Accomplish?

With CREforge, we're trying to bring innovative solutions to the commercial real estate industry. With the recent innovations in technology, our industry is ripe for creation. We want to connect big businesses with the developer community, and create something new and execiting while introducing the possibilities of development for their industries.  

Where's the Event Taking Place? 

CREforge 2016 will take place at Transwestern's Midwest HQ located at 200 West Madison, suite 1200, in Chicago. Satellite events, receptions, and the event kick-off will be located at numerous other locations around the city, with the development taking place at Transwestern's office. 

What Else is Happening at the Event? 

We're going to have numerous speakers from the tech community and real estate community around Chicago. We're also exhibiting some cutting-edge technological innovations including 3D printing, virtual reality, and more. Lastly, we are going to host social events around the hackathon to put developers and industry leaders in the same room. 

Looking to Participate? 

We currently have an open registration for developers, sponsors, and participating organizations for the event. Please click the links below if you're interested in learning more about these options. 

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