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BW Roadtrip: San Francisco Wrap Party

  • PlanGrid 2111 Mission Street #404 San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA 94110

There are certain cities across the globe where innovation is seemingly in the water.

On Roadtrip, we go to the well and have a drink for ourselves -- traveling to these burgeoning cities, and armed with our full multimedia team, report on the hottest emerging technologies in construction, the latest trends in architecture/design, and the new business paradigms transforming how and what we build. 

Join us for the SF Wrap Party! April 13, 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Each Roadtrip ends with an exclusive networking event, a 'Wrap Party,' featuring show participants, Roadtrip sponsors, and local BuiltWorlds network members.

At the event, we'll hear updates from network members Flux, Building Connected, DeWalt and more. 

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San Francisco Roadtrip

DATE: April 10 - 14th, 2017

Gameplan: Several episodes of BW Shows will be shot over the span of 4 days in April, as we cover industry companies and educational institutions making an impact on the built industries. Roadtrip SF culminates in a Wrap Party event hosted by BuiltWorlds to hear from our San Francisco network members and celebrate this year’s show participants.

COMING SOON to the following cities!

2017 Roadtrip Destinations include: San Francisco, Austin, Paris, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles and New York.

Past Roadtrip Stops 

Universities featured:

  • Stanford University, University of Washington, Texas A&M

Past companies involved:

  • Yard Club, Fieldlens, Autodesk, Hoffman Construction, Brick + Mortar Ventures, and the United Roofers’ Union.

Want to get involved with Roadtrip?

We have limited sponsorship opportunities available for companies looking to align their brand with BuiltWorlds Shows.

Please email for more info.

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