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Members Night extravaganza an energetic success!

Members Night extravaganza an energetic success!

Our thanks to all of you who helped to make the evening of October 9th such a special night here at Burnham Works. Exhibitors, neighbors and attendees filled our roomy loft offices here and transformed 1130 West Monroe into a source of energy all its own.

SoCore Energy founder Pete Kadens supplied even more energy as our featured speaker, entertaining those on hand with tales from the solar trenches and insights about what's just ahead in the marketplace. Of note, Kadens predicted that SoCore's client base will totally "flip in 2015, from 85% rooftop installations, to 85% ground-level projects." 

Before his talk, guests sampled our local cuisine and visited with representatives from Solo Insight, Textura, and CEPORT, and even got to try on an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset. For your own taste of the fun, take a virtual walk through the photo gallery below. 

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