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The Thursday Ten

The Thursday Ten

Our weekly feature returns with 10 articles that have captured our attention this week at Burnham Works. We hope they will spark discussion and further inspire your thoughts on the built environment, as well.

SPROUT BY HP... naturally

Human interaction with computers is continually changing and transforming into a more natural approach. This month, HP officially unveiled 'Sprout', its next step in the natural approach with a touch-screen Windows PC. Click the link below to check it out. 


Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek

Apple's Tim Cook: 'Proud To Be Gay'

Being the CEO of a global giant like Apple can limit one's possibility for privacy. Yet, Tim Cook has succeeded at a certain level in doing so. This week, the Apple CEO wrote an editorial for Businessweek to emphasize his pride in being gay. We tip our hat to you, Mr. Cook. 

Tim Cook


Vinge's Undulating Train Station Lets The City Flow Around It

Rail infrastructure often can split a city into sections on more than a physical point. Henning Larsen Architects plan to transform the Denmark Vinge Train Station so that it will not create any sense of separation. Click the link below to learn more about the project and view more conceptual drawings.

Vinge Train Station

37 Amazing Designs found at Tokyo Designers Week

The creative staff at The Verge set out for Tokyo Designers Week 2014 to find items and ideas that would ignite interest in all of us. Click the link below to see what they found.

Tokyo Designers Week

The Invention of the Equals Sign

Do you know how the Equals sign was invented? Yes, well some of us did not. Through Joseph Mazur's book, Enlightening Symbols A Short History of Mathematical Notation and Its Hidden PowersWired magazine provides a brief snippet on how one of the most used symbols in math came to be.



Northwestern Engineering grads Tejas Shastry, Mike Geier, and Alex Smith are trying to solve a problem that troubles most of us daily— a dead smartphone battery. The trio have only a few days left in their Kickstarter campaign, which has already surpassed its goal by $100,000. Check out their website to learn more.


What Does Your Zip Code Say About You?

The folks at Esri have created a a tool utilizing their ArcGIS platform focusing on the 'lifestyle' data of different zip codes. Tapestry classifies U.S. residential neighborhoods into 67 unique segments based on demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. Click the link below to try out the service.


Google’s LEGO-Style Phone, Project Ara, Update

Phonebloks has provided the world with a bit of an update on Google's interchangeable phone, Project Ara. Click the link below to view the video 


4 Ways Hurricane Sandy is still remaking NYC's infrastructure

Hurricane Sandy was a wake-up call for New York City. Gizmodo has come up with 4 ways one of the largest natural disasters the Big Apple has ever seen is still changing its infrastructure.


At the Movies: The physics of a spinning spacecraft in Interstellar

Movies that take place in space always run the risk of not paying attention to physics. With the most recent Interstellar trailer, Rhett Allain was inspired to take a closer look as to why the spacecraft/station is spinning in space. Educate your inner child and click the link below to learn more.


Author: Ian Manger

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