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'BIG DATA' to be Big Night @ BuiltWorlds, Dec. 9

'BIG DATA' to be Big Night @ BuiltWorlds, Dec. 9

400 skyscrapers... 3,000 streets... 9 million people... Billions of sensors, all collecting data...

The Chicago Architecture Foundation and BuiltWorlds are proud to co-host an upcoming BIG event here on Tuesday, Dec. 9, at 1130 W. Monroe Ave. Entitled 'The BIG Idea: Experience Data', the program will focus on the ongoing CAF exhibit, Chicago: City of Big Data, and feature an expert panel moderated by JOHN TOLVA, president of PositivEnergy Practice and former chief technology officer for the City of Chicago. Our distinguished panel:


In Chicago and cities all over the world, today's ongoing explosion of digital information, aka 'Big Data', encompasses everything from measurements collected by environmental sensors to messages on social media. ‘Big Data’ refers to the volume, velocity and variety of this info that our modern society generates daily. Never before have cities produced so much data on so many subjects.

What does data have to do with design?

Data is a 21st century design material, says .

It has the power to transform how we plan, design and build cities. Good data can help designers and citizens identify patterns and trends that affect the health and happiness of a city and the people who live there. Architects, planners, engineers and citizens increasingly use data to understand urban issues and spark design innovation.

Why CAF + BuiltWorlds?

CAF’s mission is to inspire people to discover why design matters. Data provides a critical lens for exploring and understanding the design issues that matter deeply to citizens, from community health and livability, to safety and sustainability. BuiltWorlds' mission is to push our industry FORWARD. Our aim is to connect and engage the worlds that develop, plan, design, build, operate and maintain our buildings, infrastructure and ecosystem. Focused on our collective future, this event is a natural merger of these two missions. 

We truly hope you can join us for this special event.

Space is still available, but don't delay. For tickets, go to: Eventbrite

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