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Bridging the built environment, 'BW' now means 'BuiltWorlds'

Bridging the built environment, 'BW' now means 'BuiltWorlds'

As of today, 11/7 luckily enough, is now officially, a division of Built Worlds Media.

Our apologies to Daniel Burnham, whose great-great grandson even 'friended' us on Facebook this fall, but from listening to you and surveying our expanding marketplace, we came to the conclusion that we actually were limiting ourselves. Of course, we still stand behind the the author of the phrase 'Make No Little Plans', but ironically that grand ambition partly informs our decision to broaden our identity.

Our mission as a living forum for innovation transcends design and construction and represents a new approach to connecting people and ideas across the multiple worlds that serve the varying needs of the built environment. Leveraging both the digital, interactive, and big data power of the internet, combined with the irreplaceable value that comes from live, human interaction, we are building an online platform here to fuel the exchange of fresh thinking that will lead these worlds, and all of us ultimately, toward a better future.

To become more global in our scope and appeal, we realized that the opportunity to spur our industry forward requires a wider platform that bridges across the traditional silos that have divided us. So our aim is to connect the worlds that develop, plan, design, build, operate and maintain our buildings, infrastructure and ecosystem. Our new name, BuiltWorlds, does not embrace any one of those silos. It embraces all of them.

Energized anew, we remain committed to serving you and each other. The built environment is vast, and to paraphrase Walt Whitman, it "contains multitudes." But together, by embracing change and promoting and improving new technologies, we aim to negotiate our way out of a contentious past into a much more harmonious, efficient and profitable future.

At BuiltWorlds, we are crowd-sourcing innovation. Are you in?


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