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10 Stories That Caught Our Eye This Week

10 Stories That Caught Our Eye This Week

Every Thursday (or so) we present you, our readers, with a deeper glimpse into what makes us tick here at BuiltWorlds, into what fires our imagination. Ten links to ideas, events, or stories about the tech revolution disrupting the built environment. We call this 'The Thursday Ten'...

MULTI - Self-Propelled elevators that travel both horizontally and vertically

Chicago & Big Data


TechCrunch recently published this piece about how 'Big Data' is affecting Chicago. With our own 'Big Data' event (co-hosted by CAF) now almost here, we felt this was the perfect time to share.

Big Data

Why Virtual Reality is Happening Now



The team at TechCrunch tries to answer this vital question about an area that has really taken off in recent years. Head over to the link below to see what they have to say.


Skaters Take Over Helsinki Airport

The skater. One who takes architectural design and uses the structure to their advantage. Famous pro skater and photographer, Arto Saari took a few skateboarders from all over the world and skated Finland's Helsinki Airport. With the airport's permission of course. The end product is a beautiful short that takes to forms and marries them in one.

Make Your City Map a Piece of your Wardrobe

Data Visualization specialist, Rachel Bins, is helping you to rep exactly where you are from with her customizable Map-Print clothing. Using OpenStreetMap data on her site, Monochrome, pick the type of clothing, enter your address, and choose between two map styles. You can even move the map around to get just the right look you are yearning for. Tanks and skirts range from $45-$75


Get a first glimpse at London's new commuter rail service

Platform tunnels at the new Crossrail Bond Street station

Platform tunnels at the new Crossrail Bond Street station

London's 23 miles of train tunnels, Crossrail, is coming towards its completion and have released some images to get a sneak-peak at what the inside of the tunnels will look like. Click the link below for more.


happy Workplaces


How do the buildings in which we work affect us emotionally and physically? That is exactly what Dr. Lucy Maddox, clinical psychologist and contributor at Mosaic, sought to answer in her most recent article. Head over to the site to read more. 


Factory & IrriGation Technologies have significantly cut u.s. water use


Last month, the U.S. Geological Survey announced that in 2010, the United States used less water than it had in a generation. The water usage per person, per day, equaled the total amount used in 1970. Click the link below to read the whole article.

Popular Science 

Frank Gehry finds that most architecture today looks like... 'shit'!

Associated Press

Associated Press

Though this occurred a few weeks back, we are still laughing over the blunt response that the iconic modern architect gave.

Frank Gehry



Puppy in teddy bear costume looks like a real life Ewok

No one likes to finish on a sour note. Here is Munchkin the Shih Tzu. Wearing her Teddy Bear costume, she looks like a real life Ewok. Yes, The Force is strong with this one.


Ian Manger


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