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Burnham & The Wilshire Grand seek history

Burnham & The Wilshire Grand seek history


Los Angeles, CA – The 73-story Wilshire Grand is not only taking shape and redefining the LA skyline, but also redefining the way we do construction. As expediter of record, Burnham Nationwide is an integral part of the Wilshire Grand project: managing, expediting and executing all required building and construction permits. Burnham has been intimately involved with the Wilshire Grand project and will see it through to completion in early 2017. The Wilshire Grand Center, a luxury hotel with over 900 rooms in downtown Los Angeles, will also feature office space, commercial/retail space, upscale restaurants, and nightlife venues.

Once sitework was complete, vertical construction began with the "Grand Pour" event, which set a Guinness World Record for the largest continuous placement of concrete amassing 21,240 cubic yards spanning 18 hours. When completed, the Wilshire Grand will be the tallest structure west of the Mississippi.

“It has been incredible to be a part of history,” said Casey McCormick, General Manager of Burnham.” Everyone on the project team has gone above and beyond to ensure a successful and safe execution of this project.”

Erecting a skyscraper is no small feat and Burnham has been on-board to secure some of the most challenging and difficult approvals from soils report, traffic control plans and permit clearances associated with shoring, excavation, foundation and superstructure permits. Burnham is working in conjunction with Turner Construction, AC Martin and Martin Project Management.

Carson Kyhl, President Manager of Burnham Nationwide

Carson Kyhl, President Manager of Burnham Nationwide

“The Wilshire Grand is an amazing project for Burnham", says Carson Kyhl, President Manager of Burnham, "This project is going to provide us with experiences with some of the best professionals in the business, that truly understand the responsibility for this world class development. We are excited that we can help them be more productive.”

The Wilshire Grand is owned by Korean Air and is a 1.1 billion dollar project. Upon its completion in the summer of 2017, the building will receive a LEED Silver certification and create 11,500 local jobs



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