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BW Sessions: Stratusvue

BW Sessions: Stratusvue

On July 8, 2014, Burnham Works held our inaugural Tech Talk Tuesday. Each Tuesday, a different company and speaker will present a solution to a crowd of professionals from the built environment, eager to learn about how innovative products and services can change the way business is done in our community.

This week, we hosted Matt Schaefer of StratusVue. Matt presented to us his product, its benefits, features and more. Let’s take an in-depth look at the company, who benefits from the product, and some key takeaways from Matt’s presentation. 

StratusVue was born from the construction blueprinting business with an idea that digital media was the path of the future. The original question and obstacle was “how does a company manage digital copies of their plans and keep everything organized?” StratusVue saw this obstacle as a chance to answer the question with a strong technology offering, and their platform has grown to include increasing functionality for managing project information. Their mission was, and is, to enable great things. 

Their team, composed of former engineers and construction professionals, developed a cloud-based collaboration solution for the built environment industry, with an emphasis on document management and control. Their belief is that if all the companies working on a project (and members of each respective team) have easy access to the right information, the project has a much greater chance of being delivered on time and within budget. 

The StratusVue System features three main components, which can be used individually or as an integrated platform.  These are: 

Product Line:

1.        BidVue – Invitation to Bid, RFP Management

2.        PlansandSpecs – Project and Document Management

3.        BIMfx – BIM-enabled Data closeout and turnover       

Construction Managers (GCs, owners, PMs) are the most frequent purchasers of StratusVue software to run their projects, but the whole project team, including architects, engineers, subcontractors, and even facility managers benefit from using the tools and support the company provides.

Key Takeaways From The Discussion

No software solution can do everything exceptionally well.  Typically, when a company strives to be great at everything, the whole product line suffers, as its difficult for one all-encompassing product to try and perform as well in areas that other product solely specialize in. StratusVue strives to be a great solution for managing the project information that everyone on the team needs to access.  Their platform provides a single source of truth for shared documents and data.

StratusVue is a management tool, created by construction professionals FOR construction professionals. In addition, their staff understands the problems and frustrations professionals in our industry deal with on a daily basis, and they offer a combination of technology and service to reduce these as much as possible. 

StratusVue believes that by controlling documentation well and providing easy access and tools for all project members, their customers will make fewer mistakes, be more organized, establish accountability, and ultimately save money.

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