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Review: Disrupting the Video Communications Industry

Review: Disrupting the Video Communications Industry

In an effort to keep our eyes and ears on the rapidly evolving tech industry, each week our digital team attends a webinar or live presentation of interest to us and from there we break down and analyze key points of the presentation. Below are a few critical takeaways from LifeSize's presentation, titled "Disrupting the Video Communication Industry," delivered by Simon Dudley and CEO Craig Malloy.

The Landscape of Video Technology

Disruptive innovation is changing the landscape of video technology. Products like FaceTime, Skype, and Google Hangouts are changing the expectations of consumers and Individual consumers and consumer applications are driving the video technology market, not corporations.

Since everyone has access to a smart phone, consumers don’t have time or patience for dial-in connections, meeting reservations, clunky hardware/software interfaces, and bandwidth limitations.  These days, people expect accessibility “anytime-anywhere."

LifeSize points out that there is yet to be a service or product in today’s marketplace that masters the ease of point-to-point video conferencing in a scalable, inexpensive, simple, corporate conference environment.  

More offices today (than ever) are remote locations (ie in the field, on the road, etc),  and companies expect the same level of daily productivity and output from their employees working remotely.

The question LifeSize poses is this: Why are companies still relying on underperforming and complicated video conferencing technology.  Isn’t there something better?  Easier?  Cheaper?

LifeSize’s Solution

Product:  LifeSize Cloud

How does it work? The process is simple, really. After creating an account, invite your co-workers to join, install the apps on your choice of connectable devices, plug in a conference room device to your TV or power network, and you're done. It's as easy as using AppleTV or a Roku device. 

Four Problems Solved by the LifeSize Cloud

  1. Connectivity:  video systems work right out of the box.  Can be used for smartphones, laptops, tablets, guest clients, telephone
  2. One Tool for all communication methods:  shared directories, instant calls, scheduled calls, single calls, group calls, data sharing
  3. Ease of Use:  works with what customers currently use.  25-way HD and audio for every user and meeting.  Cloud-based, no IT groups,  nothing to manage
  4. Cost effective:  Flexible subscription plan for all size teams (from 10 to 1000s)


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