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BW Sessions: PaletteApp

BW Sessions: PaletteApp

On July 22, 2014, Burnham Works held our second Tech Talk Tuesday. On Tuesdays, we host a different speaker to present a solution or product to a crowd of professionals from the built environment, eager to learn about how innovative products and services can change the way business is done in our community.

This week's presenter was Jerry Freeman, CEO of PaletteApp. Jerry was kind enough to demonstrate to us how his product works, who it benefits and some of the competitive advantages PaletteApp features. 

What is PaletteApp?

In their own words, PalletteApp "is a new digital design tool developed to help designers, architects, contractors and manufacturers facilitate the design and sample ordering process." The tool allows designers to put together palettes digitally, saving time and money while eliminating waste. 

The application itself is an online forum that provides an organized, itemized, searchable, filtered collection of design finishes and products across the built environment spectrum. This collection is presented on an easily-understandable and dynamic dashboard, with each product loaded with project pertinent information such as spec sheets, product data, MSDS, warranty and maintenance documents. PaletteApp matches manufacturers with designers to bring clients the best possible solution for all project needs.

Five Competitive Advantages of PaletteApp

1. Waste elimination - with palettes being created digitally, no product materials are wasted or discarded.

2. Time - the time it takes to build a palette digitally is more than 10 times faster than doing so 

3. Viewing Format – the viewing platform allows designers to choose colors from different manufacturer palettes and view side-by-side in a virtual studio. No additional energy is being expended with searching through databases and ordering samples before you’re allowed to see products side-by-side

General Contractors in the field can know what a product looks like before it shows up, to ensure that the project has the correct product (lookup products via product numbers). Eliminates mistakes and possible rework.

4. Drag and drop dashboard - quickly move digital materials and designs to and from your projects with the click of a mouse. 

5. Products are never deleted from the database - companies can go back and see outdated or possibly off the market products.

Other Points of Interest

PaletteApp has already built relationships with schools, meaning students no longer need to use dated design practices such as magazine cut-outs and pasting images on cork-boards. They can now use state-of-the-art technology to get free samples of current products

PaletteApp is currently branching out to other products, such as artwork sculptures, lighting, bathroom fixtures, etc, which will allow them to bring new vendors and customers to the marketplace. 

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