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by: Karl Sorensen

Most people would agree that energy conservation is an important topic to discuss.  Outside of that brief dialogue, unfortunately, flipping off the kitchen lights at night and shifting little plastic bottles over to green bins can surmise our daily efforts to reduce waste.  Energy conservation has near incalculable savings potential, and we’re barely scratching the surface of its possibilities.

This week, Burnham Works sat down with Ceport president, John Greenwell, to discuss the energy conserving and waste reducing software product called BUILDINGWORX.  In our seventh Tech Talk since our launch, Burnham Works learned how Ceport is fulfilling their mission, “saving energy by using information”.

How does it work?

BUILDINGWORX is a software program that systematically gathers information across an entire building system's spectrum, enabling owners to view and understand the brick and mortar structures they occupy.  Big data means big potential, and when an owner can uncover hidden truths about their building's efficiency, they are empowered to take steps to reduce wasteful energy consumption practices that often haunt the bottom line.

Most buildings today do not have the smart infrastructures required to automatically gather data and generate conclusive reports on overall efficiency.  A building's occupancy level cannot adjust office lighting and thermostats cannot anticipate changes in weather.  Until we've reached a level where fully automated and integrated building systems can react to environmental changes, BUILDINGWORX is the ideal platform for understanding building outputs and achieving maximum efficiency for energy consumption.

Through BUILDINGWORX, complex, real-time data from energy meters, sensors, gauges, price indices (and more) are aggregated into algorithms and translated into usable information that drive action.  According to Ceport, this information “can prove to be invaluable in helping to improve a company’s space utilization, vastly reduce energy use and increase productivity.”

Isn’t an energy consumption analysis a luxury expense I can’t afford?

Greenwell was quick to point out that, in regards to energy consumption, owners just don’t know enough about their buildings’ efficiency.  Because building system comprehension requires time, intentionality and a little investment, owners often choose to dismiss it's importance.  But if you care about operating lean, elevating efficiency, reducing waste and maximizing profits, BUILDINGWORX is a software you cannot overlook.  In many cases, Ceport's product provides energy savings between 7%-15%, regularly saving their clients money in the long run.

You would be a good candidate for Ceport BUILDINGWORX if…

  • You are interested in gathering data about your buildings
  • You own property in commercial real estate, university, Gov’t agency, facility, or healthcare settings
  • Energy consumption seems high, incorrect or expensive


Karl Sorensen of Burnham Works

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