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BW Sessions: SmartUse

BW Sessions: SmartUse

On August 5, 2014, Burnham Works held another round of Tech Talks, which featured Josh Bone of the cutting-edge SmartUse system.  SmartUse is a document management solution that allows users the ability to quickly and easily view drawings, contracts, specifications and other project-pertinent documents across various platforms (SmartUse’s Table, personal computers and mobile devices) with a seamless integration system that updates all project documents as-needed and in real-time.

How does SmartUse work?

SmartUse is a cloud-based collaborative resource focused on solving the problem of document control on a scaling project.  As projects become lean, design iterations occur more frequently as the schedule accelerates and the subcontractors are assigned.  With limited time and resources, ensuring everyone is working from the latest-and-greatest designs can turn into a full time job.  With SmartUse, all documents are stored on a central server that can be accessed by assigned users, updated instantaneously, and distributed seamlessly.  With every design revision, design packages automatically update to reflect the latest information.  Additionally, each design callout and detail is hyperlinked to eliminate timely page-turning.  Finally, SmartUse allows all designs to be supplemented with additional information (such as RFIs, submittals, pictures, notes and red-lines) via attachment or markups.  With unlimited storage capacity and user accessibility, the possibilities are endless.

How is SmartUse different?

  1. SmartUse Supports any Browser:  You can access SmartUse’s clean and organized dashboard no matter what device or browser you’re using.  From Windows 8 to an iPad application, get access to the latest project documents in real-time.  
  2. Multiple Window Display:  Open multiple windows containing various resources to compare side-by-side information.  Manipulate all documents at the same time without the mess.
  3. Create Your Own Layer:  There is a time in every project where proprietary information needs to be protected.  With SmartUse, you can create personal layers to perform internal constructability reviews, takeoffs and clash detections without the worry of the unwanted audience.
  4. Plan Overlay:  Similar to that of an architect’s tracing paper, users can overlay project designs to assist with collaboration and clash detection.   Compare reflective ceiling plans with architectural drawings or mechanical pipe routes and electrical conduit runs with SmartUse’s overlay feature.

SmartUse Table:

SmartUse does not only offer web application software, but also hardware for your office or jobsite trailer.  The SmartUse Table is the combination of a high-definition television, state-of-the-art touch screen technology, easy-to-use software and a builder’s plan table to create an interactive tool for any project.  Users can review and interact with full-size drawings without the burden of missing sheets, dog-eared pages and outdated information.

You Would be a Good Candidate for SmartUse if…

  • Updating design documents is occupying labor resources
  • Printing costs are excessive
  • Document distribution is unsuccessful or untimely
  • Collaboration between design and project teams is ineffective
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