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The Thursday Ten

The Thursday Ten

by Ian Manger

Every Thursday we present you, our readers, with a deeper look into what makes the minds behind Burnham Works tick and intrigue our curiosity. Ten links to ideas, events, or articles about the AEC industry. We call this our Thursday Ten. 

Spacemaker VR by Digital Physical

Digital Physical of LA has created an exciting new way for designers, through the Oculus Rift and other virtual reality programs, to provide virtual walkthroughs using 3D design files.



Bloomberg Names European Winners of Mayors Challenge

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced this year's winners of Bloomberg Philanthropies' Mayors Challenge. Ideas included an online platform to encourage civic engagement (Athens), a citywide plan to produce biochar (Stockholm), and an Urban Information System for Visually Impaired (Warsaw)

Mayors Challenge

Hydroelectric House Converts Waves into Electricity

Designed for Cape Town, South Africa, and inspired by the shape of a sea urchin, Margot Krasojević's design harnesses tidal and solar energy to generate electricity.

Futuristic Hydroelectric House

AEC Graduates Beat All Professions in Job Prospects

The Higher Education Careers Services Unit released a study stating that unemployment rates for newly-graduated architects and civil engineers are just 6%, compared with 7% for all other subjects.

Construction Enquirer

Tiny Bavarian village leading Germany renewable energy surge

By investing in photovoltaics, biogas facilities, wind turbines, and a hydropower system, Wildpoldsried produces five times as much energy as it needs. 


NVIDIA's Maxwell Helps to 'Shed New Light' on Moon Landing

As the AEC world continues to reshape itself through digital design, space exploration has been similarly transformed and updated via graphics pioneer, NVIDIA, and its newest GPU, Maxwell.  See how recent innovations can shed new light on a 35-year-old conspiracy theory...  

Maxwell Nvidia and the Lunar Landing

International Space Station to Receive First 3D Printer in Space

With 3D printers knocking down barriers daily in the AEC market, NASA has decided to take the revolutionary product to the next frontier.

3D Printer in Space

RIBA Names 13 Honorary Fellowships, 11 International Fellowships

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has announced its annual Fellowships, to be awarded February 3, 2015. Winners include Pritzker Prize Winner Thom Mayne, academic Dalibor Vesely, and Director of Architecture at the British Design Council Vicky Richardson.


Calagary's Newest Library Will Tower in Glass

In the final mock-up from firms Snøhetta and DIALOG  for their winning Central Library entry, the proposed building will tower in a beautiful glass structure that is "loosely inspired by the foothills that surround Calgary." 


Wink Announces New Product, Relay

Wink, the software company that grew out of Quirky, looks to "humanize the smart home" with its newest product, 'Relay'. The device will sync with a network of connected home gadgets, allowing you to simultaneously do things like dim the lights, cool your home, bring the blinds up or down, and turn your security system on or off.




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