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Loony like a fox, Google plan is full of hot air

Loony like a fox, Google plan is full of hot air

by Karl Sorensen

Google X research chief, Astro Teller (yes, that's his real name) says the Mountain View CA-based IT behemoth will soon float an experimental network of balloons over South America to provide wireless internet access to customers there. Speaking this week at EmTech 2014 in Cambridge MA, Teller told attendees that next year will likely see Google X launch a fleet of balloons to circulate the globe at 60,000 ft, providing internet service to the tune of 22 megabits per second. 

Dubbed 'Project Loon', the initiative was first proposed in June 2013, notes MIT Technology Review. Teller said that the project is on track to meet its goal of demonstrating a practical way to get wireless internet access to billions of people currently without, mostly in desperately poor parts of the planet. To read more, click on this.

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