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Last shall be first, as subs take tech lead

Last shall be first, as subs take tech lead

by Karl Sorensen

"It's time to question assumptions of who is driving innovation in construction," writes Newforma's Dan Conery for CE Tech Trends.  "Things are changing quickly.  Those once thought to be last to the dance may actually be taking the lead."

Traditionally, general contractors have been assumed to have the budget and bandwidth to lead research, development and implementation of new technologies on the jobsite. But in reality, subcontractors are often the ones driving such change. Due to thinner profit margins and smaller budgets, explains Conery, subs essentially MUST find new technology to make their craft smarter, quicker, cheaper and safer.  So, in many markets, it is the smaller shops that are now forcing GCs to embrace innovation even sooner than they may have planned.

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