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AEC Hackathon coming to our house

AEC Hackathon coming to our house

We’ve been planning to bring the Hackathon to Chicago for over a year, so we’re excited to have it on the calendar
— Paul Doherty

by Rob McManamy

(Monday, Sept. 8, 2014) - Burnham Works LLC is proud to announce that the AEC Hackathon, the industry's premiere, alternative, collaborative event will be coming to Chicago for the first time next spring. And we will be the host for the three-day, intensive sleep-depriver under our own roof at 1130 West Monroe .

"We could not be more excited about our selection as the site for this iconic event and we truly look forward to bringing in some of the most talented and innovative programmers and coders that Chicago has to offer," says Matt Abeles, managing director of Burnham Works. 

"We've been planning to bring the Hackathon to Chicago for over a year, so we're excited to have it on the calendar," says Paul Doherty, Hackathon co-founder and President/CEO of the digit group. "Chicago's AEC community has incredible talent, so it will truly be something to get so much of it together under one roof."

To help prepare for the March 2015 event, Abeles this week will travel to the Pacific Northwest to attend the AEC Hackathon 1.2 - Seattle, Sept. 12-14, and meet with organizers, presenters and participants in the 48-hour industry marathon. The University of Washington's Pacific Northwest Center for Construction Research and Education (PNCCRE) is hosting the Hackathon, which will be sponsored by Bentley Systems, AutoDesk, SketchUp, Newforma, Unity, VRcade, the digit group inc., and others.

From the PNCCRE website: "We are excited to host Seattle's first AEC Hackathon - a competition to develop the most interesting and practical solutions with off-the-shelf AEC technologies spanning from Virtual Worlds to Digital Fabrication. Come and see vendors present their latest products, see hackers develop new tools, literally overnight, and see what designers and builders find challenging about using today's computer tools. Form a team, bring a challenge, offer a prize or just observe."

Started in 2013, the AEC Hackathon is a non-profit event that creates on-the-spot teams of technologists and industry stakeholders to shape the future of our built environment. The hackathon provides a playful, exploratory environment where disruption and creative ideas are the essential tools for innovation. The AEC community faces fresh new problems that urgently need brilliant minds to solve them. How are you changing the world?

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