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Newforma releases new visual planning tool for leaner work

Newforma releases new visual
planning tool for leaner work

by TODD STOLARSKI and ROB McMANAMY | Oct 14, 2015

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Convinced that tech can play a crucial role in helping our industry to design and build both smarter and more efficiently, Manchester NH-based Newforma this morning has launched Newforma LeanPlanner. Aiming to boost production schedule reliability for more predictable project outcomes, the new visual production planning software was developed jointly with LeanKit, a Franklin TN-based team facilitator focused on enterprise lean process and work management software.

““The rapidly growing interest in lean methodologies indicates that visual planning tools like LeanPlanner will have an even larger impact on our industry than building information modeling (BIM),” says Dan Conery, Newforma VP of business development. "The current manual process of sticky notes on a wall is a good first step that quickly shows its limitations. Applying lean principles has tremendous benefits to customer satisfaction and the overall bottom line."

Planning tools like LeanPlanner will have an even larger impact on our industry than BIM.
— Dan Conery, VP, Newforma

LeanPlanner removes those pesky sticky notes from the whiteboard in your trailer and puts them on your mobile devices, updated in real-time, anywhere, anytime. As a result, stakeholders across teams are able to track the progress of their project's lean journey and to incorporate advanced analytics to avoid any at-risk milestones up ahead. Project team members are able identify near-term constraints and follow action items from “to do”, to “doing”, to “done”. This promotes continuous improvement via ongoing insights and real-time measures and milestones like plan percent complete (PPC).

Trumpets the new web page: "Deliver on-time commitments with a real-time, virtual card wall."

“We believe lean principles have the power to transform how teams work together to get great work done faster,” explains Chris Hefley, CEO at LeanKit. “Newforma’s deep industry knowledge and strong market presence, combined with LeanKit’s lean process and work management solution, bring more collaborative, proactive and successful work practices to the building and infrastructure industries.” 

With Newforma's software powering nearly two million projects worldwide and LeanKit's services assisting more than 50,000 teams since its inception in 2009, the duo packs a formidable punch. Combined, it would seem unwise to bet against anything the pair might attempt together. 

Key Features of LeanPlanner:

  • Virtual Notes
  • Visual Responsibilities
  • In-depth Project Reports
  • Constant Access


To learn more about Newforma LeanPlanner, visit the software's own new web page here.

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