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WATCH: A Vision of Green to Restructure our Cities

WATCH: A Vision Of Green To Restructure Our Cities

by BW CONTENT TEAM | Oct 30, 2015

The roots of our popular SmartWorlds initiative can really be traced back to a June presentation by international architect Peter Ellis, FAIA, of Peter Ellis New Cities. Here, the longtime, award-winning urban planner talks about the extraordinary opportunity he had not long ago in India to design an entire new city for a million people from scratch.

Entitled Restructuring American Cities, Ellis’s presentation at BuiltWorlds delved into the lessons he learned while designing India’s Jaypee Sports City on the outskirts of Delhi. His thoughts for radically improving urban livability,  energy use, transportation and more now offer an overdue prescription for improving crowded cities around the world. For our original coverage of that event, click here.

Now one of our SmartWorlds advisorsEllis here details the virtues of bringing nature back to our cities, using algae and other tools to help create an “urban sponge” that may save our urban future. Available in full for the first time, below is Ellis's Restructuring presentation.

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