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Spare to Share unveils new service swap app at BW Workshop

Spare to Share unveils new service
swap app at BW Workshop

by ROB McMANAMY and TODD STOLARSKI | Oct 6, 2015

All of us have heard the term "sharing economy". Not long ago, the concept evoked notions of vacation timeshares in Boca or Vail, an asset exchange for the well-to-do. But for the working class, the phrase harkens back to the hot-and-cold popularity of car-pooling, the public response born of necessity after the 1973 Oil Crisis but still alive today when gas prices climb too high.


So sharing has often been seen as necessary or even desirable, but never all that easy. Now, though, technology is enabling sharing on an unprecedented scale. For the masses.

Enter Spare to Share, a new online community management solution for residential and commercial building communities. According to founders Greg Jaros and Ian Stellmach, their new tool is an easy way for residents and tenants of apartments, offices, even neighborhood associations, to connect while sharing skills, household items and activities, posted and accessed via a simple, secure web and mobile platform within a finite, trusted community.

"It’s an excellent way to share or sell all kinds of things including tools, tickets, a parking space and even pet-sitting," explains Jaros. "We help make your building a little more neighborly and connected by enabling communication and sharing among residents."

And that communal practice leads to increased building loyalty and reduced tenant turnover. Adds Stellmach, "Research shows that engaged tenants are 35% more likely to stay in their buildings."

Last week, BuiltWorlds hosted an illuminating, exclusive morning workshop for Spare to Share, led by both Jaros and Stellmach. They showed select members of the BW community how their multiplatform app can turn the vetted stranger down the hall into a potential customer and even a friend via a secure social network. Want to sell that old couch? Your ex's barcalounger? If you can spare it, then share it!  Need a dog-sitter for "Patches" while you're gone at that out-of-town family wedding? Need help hanging a picture or cleaning your carpet? (You get the idea.)

Last year, Spare to Share was selected by the Young Global Leaders (YGL) Task Force as one of the finalists in The Circular Economy Awards. A panel of 25 YGL members who all work to expand the economy through their existing businesses, chose the app because it enables users to live sustainably.

Spare to Share is available now for mobile download now on (iOS & Android).

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