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Watch: A PEEK Into Tomorrow's Smart Mobilized World

Watch: A PEEK Into Tomorrow's Smart Mobilized World

Oct 16, 2015

Earlier this summer, our SmartWorlds: Future Cities Conversation Series took a penetrating peek into how people, commerce, governments and utilities will navigate tomorrow's uber-congested global cities. Sponsored by KIG AnalyticsFuture Mobility featured a stellar expert panel that drew lively, thoughtful comments from our studio audience. Planes, trains, automobiles, shared bicycles, driverless vehicles, balloons, jet packs, the Hyperloop, time travel... everything was on the table that night. And now, all of it is at your fingertips below. (Scroll down to see the cast of characters.)

So, without further ado, here are all the Future Mobility presentations on this embedded YouTube playlist. Looking for a favorite? (Click the icon at left to select the BW Videos of most interest.)


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