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WATCH: The Internet of Things Connects our Smart Home

WATCH: The Internet Of Things Connects Our Smart Home

By TODD STOLARSKI | Nov. 16, 2015

When BuiltWorlds held the second installment in our Tech in Real Estate series on November 5th, we learned that the future is definitely connected for our residential and commercial properties. One throughline that refused to be ignored that evening was the Internet of Things (IoT). Five out of six presenters spoke about game-changing connected technology that requires the use of a low Bluetooth output. Each of those technologies presented on our auditorium floor is completely different, and revolutionary in their own right, further proving the power of IoT.

Gathering and transmitting information of all sorts, sensors emerged as the fastest growing examples of the ways tech is changing how we live and work. From AI-infused thermostats in our homes to drone photo captures above properties, the amount of new tech now at the fingertips of realtors and homeowners seems to multiply each day. Plus, Gimbal even gave out free beacons to everyone in our audience! It was an unforgettable night.  

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