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Gridlock, Unlocked

Gridlock, Unlocked

by TODD STOLARSKI | Nov. 18, 2015

It’s a modern day plague that nearly everyone has dealt with. If you’re on the grid, you’ve dealt with gridlock. Urban transportation is a critical issue that both commuters and city dwellers face daily. Fear not, multiple solutions are available.

These pics show what happens when we fail to utilize those available options and become embroiled in a traffic snarl of our personal automobiles. The images, which use photographs taken by OnRequest Images in downtown Seattle, demonstrates what 200 people look like, first in 177 cars, then without their cars, then on three buses, and finally on bicycles. 

According to International Sustainable Solutions, nearly 30% of urban areas are covered by streets, highways and parking structures. You can see what happens when 200 of us are jammed across four lanes, despite the fact that the same amount of us can easily fit into one lane. 

Ultimately, the endgame would be to aid everyday congestion through public transportation and biking and incorporating a bit more greenery into that 30% of concrete. 




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