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WATCH: Geo Data Aids an Open Source Movement

Geo Data Aids an Open Source Movement

by TODD STOLARSKI | Nov. 26, 2015


Earlier this year, our main stage played host to an event dubbed Developers Unite!, where Dr. Shaun Langley of Chicago-based Urban GIS, a consulting engineer specializing in geographic information systems, spoke to our crowd on the fusion of data and geography.

In his fact-infused presentation, Dr. Langley spoke of how we can now use the mountains of data collected from natural disasters to help respond to, and plan ahead for, whatever calamities may happen in the future. Functioning in an open-source world, Langley  demonstrated the benefits of keeping that information freely available to the public. Dipping into the BuiltWorlds archives, we present to you Dr. Langley’s presentation for the first time.

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