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WATCH: 3D Printed Concrete and Green Energy with Ozinga

BW Sessions: Ozinga

by TODD STOLARSKI | Nov 7, 2015

Tim Ozinga in his everyday car, kind of.

Tim Ozinga in his everyday car, kind of.

For 87 years, Ozinga Bros Inc. has been providing the construction industry with the foundation needed to get the job done. Offering up all manner of concrete supplies, natural gas, and multiple jobsite materials, it’s clear the Ozinga brothers were born to build.

For this BW Session, we caught up with Tim Ozinga, co-owner and marketing director of the Chicago-based company. The fourth-generation member of the family-owned concrete supplier provided a window into what the Chicago Tribune last year named one of the area’s “Top Workplaces”.

Our conversation with Tim darted to Ozinga’s recently introduced green energy initiative, big data, and how 3D printing is changing the exciting future of concrete production.

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