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WATCH: Inside Method, the new LEED in Sustainable Manufacturing

WATCH: Inside Method, The New LEED In Sustainable Manufacturing

by TODD STOLARSKI | Dec 15. 2015

Earlier this month, BuiltWorlds offered a green and clean education indoors as winter closed in around us. Our Dec. 3rd headline event, Method Manufacturing, showcased the creative and collaborative team behind the new, $30-million, LEED Platinum soap factory on Chicago’s impoverished south side. Already the subject of national and even international attention, that 150,000-sq-ft factory is San Francisco-based Method’s only U.S. plant and is responsible for producing approximately 70% of the company's entire inventory, and 60% of its own energy.

But what else can we say about Method’s ground-breaking facility that we haven’t already said? For a first-hand look, our team traveled to the much-lauded plant to see what all the fuss is about. So, roll up your sleeves, wash your hands, and press play.

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