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Top 5 Holiday Toys For The Little Builder In Your Life

by TODD STOLARSKI | Dec 16, 2015

Yes, once again, the Holidays are in full swing. Black Friday has left us a towering wake of receipts and the chimes of our cash registers are ringing. Christmas is nigh! Hannukah just happened, too. Kwanzaa? Festivus, anyone? So many opportunities to show others that you care. Too many? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Why not use this time of year to recruit those interested young ones for exciting careers in our wonderful industry. We know there’s a burgeoning builder on your ‘nice’ list, so here are five gifts to fire their imaginations:

Roominate Architect Pack - Roominate’s belief is that from a young age, girls are told what they should be; sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly. In the U.S., males are three times more likely to be interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Roominate aims to change that through their nifty modular construction set. Filled with motors and LED lights powered by your smart device, you now can build anything and be anything that your heart desires. So, take your pick.


Star Wars Lego Set - Hey, have you heard about the new movie? Well, don’t miss out on this tie-in opportunity for the built environment. With both Millennium Falcon and the Death Star models now available, you can opt for the Dark Side, or hopefully the Light. But let’s be honest. Jedi or Sith, it all comes down to Santa’s choice as to whether your little builder has been naughty or nice this year.


Supernova Blast Roller Coaster Building Set - It glows in the dark and is over three feet tall. From the K’nex family comes this roller coaster ride of building thrills and spills. A separate track is available for download and a miniature car zips around the track once complete. Did I mention it glows in the dark?

While you’re in the same row at the toy store, pick up some...


Lincoln Logs - In their 100th-anniversary tin! Invented by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son John, these beloved wooden toys are still inspiring children’s imaginations just like you remember. Winner of numerous awards, these 100% wood logs are now made in the USA for the first time in 50 years!

OK, let’s face it... after all that hands-on fun, I’m sure these lucky kids will need some face-to-face time with a screen. So, make sure they also have a new...

View-Master - It’s not your father’s, err, your own old View-Master...think more like VR Jr. Mattel has brought back a rejuvenated version of this classic toy that works directly with Google Cardboard to provide a virtual reality experience. Now, they can visit exotic lands without having to manually advance a slide wheel of still photos! With downloadable “packs” now replacing the ever-popular discs, ages 8-80 will only need a smart device to travel to destinations beyond their couch while still sitting on it.

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