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WATCH: Managing the Big Data Around Us

WATCH: Managing the Big Data Around Us

by TODD STOLARSKI | Dec 26, 2015


As we begin to reflect back on the year that was, we open our archives to revisit this gem. Last June during Techweek: Chicago, the ever-cheerful and entertaining Goran Zeravica, Operations Development Manager at equipment giant Komatsu, took to the stage here at BuiltWorlds for our first “Robots to the Rescue” event.

The topic on his mind that evening was a turn of phrase that still holds so much buzz you’d be forgiven for thinking you were Winnie the Pooh with a beehive stuck on your head. The term?: BIG DATA.

Like Tigger, from the very first second of his presentation, Mr. Zeravica’s gregarious personality had won over our audience. More specifically, he demonstrated how Komatsu’s mammoth autonomous earth movers are applying using Big Data to great effect on jobsites across both North and South America. In particular, he also noted how the tech is being used to compensate for labor shortages in Japan where broad and ambitious preparations are underway for the 2020 Olympic games. Navigated by drones which are piloted by humans, Komatsu’s presentation gave our SRO crowd a glimpse into what the vanguard of construction technology holds. And now, we present this to you for the very first time.

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