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BW TV: Our Top 10 Videos of 2015

BW TV: Our Top 10 Videos of 2015

by TODD STOLARSKI | Dec 31 2015

As we wrap up the year that was, we now look back through our own lens at the top 10 videos we produced throughout an incredible 2015.

LPT: If you play all 10 simultaneously, you’ll hear the new Aphex Twin song...and receive a wicked headache while doing so.          ___________________________

10 - Applying the New Internet Inside our Built Environment (Sep 10) : The sci-fi tools that were once relegated to Hollywood studios, came out to play that night as they have infiltrated how we work and live inside the built environment;

9 - BW Sessions: Blue Marble 3D (Sep 25) : The Apollo 17 crew snapped an iconic picture that became famous the world over and has gone on to name the Illinois-based advanced immersive visualization company Blue Marble 3D. Last summer, we swung by the firm’s HQ to ask a few pressing questions;

8 - How Drones in the Sky Will Help us on Land (Jun 23) : Thomas Haun from PrecisionHawk took flight as he wowed our packed house with his expert knowledge of how UAVs are assisting us from precision agriculture to construction site operations. How drones are the new lifeguards and the Big Data now being harvested from the real clouds are being dropped into the virtual one;

7 - AEC Hackathon Chicago (Mar 6-8) : It was the first local hack-a-palooza for our industry, but it won’t be the last. Over a whirlwind weekend, architects, coders, contractors, engineers, flocked to BW to tackle a number of shared problems. Solutions were found, innovations were shared, and lasting friendships were forged;

6 - Inside the Next-gen Tech at the MCAA Student Summit (Oct 2) : Our BW Roadtrip series made its debut in Cleveland, where we brought along some friends for our Tech Toy Test Drive. Surrounded by the built environment’s inquisitive next-generation, we brought with us the emerging tech that will shape how they work;

5 - How our Cities of Tomorrow Will Look (Aug 27) : For the first time, our three SmartWorlds advisors were all on the BuiltWorlds stage at the same time. After John Tolva, Paul Doherty and Peter Ellis each presented their data-driven visions of our future cities, they sat down for this compelling discussion on what crowded urban landscapes will look like in the anxious decades to come;

4 - BuiltWorlds at Techweek Chicago 2015 (Jun 26) : On the Techweek floor at Chicago’s historic Merchandise Mart, the hottest startups from myriad industries paused as we took the stage with our Tech Toy Chest. As seen in the vid, some at the famed cavernous hall were actually left speechless by the exciting vision of the future;

3 - Inside Method Manufacturing: The New LEED in Sustainability (Dec 15) : We took a trip into the madness from the team responsible for Method’s LEED Platinum Certified manufacturing facility, the first of its kind. An instant icon on Chicago’s industrial south side, the facility’s green impact already is being felt far and wide;

2 - Robots, BIM, and Tech in Texas (Oct 22) : On just our second Roadtrip video, we were reminded that everything really is bigger is Texas. Host James “JBKnowledge” Benham took us on a tour of the largest engineering school in the U.S., Texas A&M, where we stood in awe of the the largest BIM CAVE in the world before that evening’s Demo Night: South event;

1 - BW Encyclopedia: BIM CAVE (Dec 3) : We premiered this new series as an important new component of our broader educational mission and to delve deeper into the technology that pushes the built environment forward. After experiencing the CAVE’s sheer power first-hand last fall, we knew this juggernaut would top our list. As BIM adoption continues to grow worldwide, we trust Dr. Julian Kang’s BIM CAVE will continue to expand as well. 


As 2015’s wild ride comes to its end, we look forward to bringing you only the best of what pushes this industry forward. Thanks for watching. And as always, stay tuned.

We’ve compiled all of the year’s best videos for you to view in a YouTube playlist for easy viewing below. Click the icon at the top left to scroll to a favorite. Or click the individual link on each video's name.

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