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Guru Rx: SkySite's new cloud platform all silver lining

Guru Rx: SkySite's new cloud platform all silver lining


Over the past couple of years, many construction firms have adopted the use of applications into the mobile device programs. One of the leading app types is the plan distribution for project sites. This new wave of technology being used by field superintendents and project managers is revolutionizing our industry. There are several good app choices out there for construction companies to choose from. So the question is, what separates the best in class solutions available for your business?  

In my opinion, it is the features offered by a platform...


Today, ARC Document Solutions (ARC) has released its new SkySite platform into the market. It is an integrated, cloud-based document management solution built for our industry. This unique platform offers users a combined website, desktop, and mobile experience. The idea was to create a single-source, cloud-based repository for all project-related documents. The goal was to deliver a platform that would keep all project team members up to date in real time.

There are three faces of the SkySite platform: Document Management; Collaboration; and Archiving Data. I beta-tested the test platform for several months. Here are my findings:

1. Website

One of the challenges facing many construction IT departments is which cloud to use for its storage needs. Which platform will offer them the best options, security and storage options for a price they can afford? ARC has built a private cloud platform to offer a new solution to this scenario. There is now no need to use a secondary, cloud solution since they provide one for you.

ARC has created an easy-to-use, cloud-based portal that:

  • Allows users to complete bulk uploads of plans or a binder set;
  • Stores all major construction document file formats (PDF, DWG, Excel, Word, PowerPoint);
  • Offers a secure platform that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device;
  • Syncs daily and in real time between the cloud platform and registered desktops or mobile devices, ensuring project team members are working off the most current set of documents;
  • Tracks and manages historical data as the project evolves;
  • Monitors users with real-time project activity tracker;
  • Maintains version control of documents to ensure project data integrity.

2. Desktop (sync)

The desktop sync function is one of the more intriguing aspects of the SkySite platform. One of the inherent problems with a cloud-based system is the security issue that arises from multiple project team members having “administrative access” to the project documents.

The trouble spot I have heard about is when a project team member accidentally deletes a document (plan, spec, rfi, etc.)  from the project folder. Things can, of course, be restored, but what happens in the meantime if other team members are looking for that very document. What if there was a way to prevent that scenario from occurring?

With that in mind, ARC has built in a unique security feature to its platform:

  • Three users levels: Admin, Editor, and Viewer (Only 'Admin' can delete a file permanently);
  • Second-layer Password Protection for private projects.

3. Mobile App

The SkySite App also allows users to:

  • Capture, distribute and collaborate on construction documents with other team members in real time (auto-sync);
  • Store project files locally for offline access.
  • Build in markup tools to communicate issues and create your “As-Built” set.

The SkySite App is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

So, that's my take. What's been your experience? I'd like to know.

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The author is a prolific tech blogger, speaker, consultant and founder of Construction App Guru, a website on a mission to educate the AEC Community about real and potential uses for tech in construction. By day, he is also safety director for Atlanta-based JM Wilkerson Construction.

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