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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Construction App

5 Tips for Choosing the
Right Construction App

by REBECA AYALA, PlanGrid | March 2, 2015

Using the right apps on a construction site can make daily tasks easier, from planning to completion.

Evolving your tried and tested processes to include a new app is a huge decision, one that could significantly cost you in terms of time and money. At the same time, if it works, you can see efficiencies and savings impossible to achieve without it.

To help reduce some of the uncertainty about new apps, the following are ways to evaluate different construction app options.

1. Positive reviews - Check the ratings and reviews in Apple’s App Store or Google play. Are others who have downloaded the app saying positive things or is this technology causing extra stress?

2. Free trials - Find out if the app you are considering offers a free trial. If so, use it to test the tool in real-life situations and to see if it is truly a fit for your needs.

3. Peer recommendations - Ask your trusted peers if they have tried the app or at least heard anything about it. If someone in the same industry finds it is helpful and easy to use, it could be a good investment for your team, as well.

4. Expert lists - Check notable and trusted publications for lists of relevant technologies and apps. Is the app you’re considering included in the list? If not, are there alternatives that make sense to consider instead? These lists typically also include product descriptions and ratings, so reference them to ensure the tech is a fit and can be trusted. 

5. Customer support - If something goes wrong, where do you turn? Check on the app’s website for a live chat option, help center or easy to find customer support phone number. Also, when reading reviews, look for comments on how fast and helpful customer support is.

The author, Rebeca Ayala, has approximately 12 years experience in the Construction industry.  Last year, she joined PlanGrid as "Construction Ambassador" working with the Product Team to help make sure that they stay focused in creating solutions for real-world problems in the industry.

This article first appeared on February 26 at the PlanGrid Blog

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