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ASCE taps TIP for Pankow Innovation Award

ASCE taps TIP for Pankow Innovation Award

by ROB McMANAMY | march 30, 2015

Some three years after its release, Cleveland-based Pile Dynamics Inc.’s Thermal Integrity Profiler (TIP) is still on a roll. Last week, the breakthrough monitor that measures heat generated by curing cement (hydration energy) to assess the quality of cast-in-place concrete foundations was named winner of the American Society of Civil Engineers2015 Charles Pankow Award for Innovation. To date, TIP's growing trophy case already includes:


According to ASCE, TIP can be used on foundations such as drilled shafts, bored piles, micropiles, augered cast-in-place, continuous flight auger piles, and drilled displacement piles. The technology also can evaluate the shape of slurry walls, for example,  in addition to other concrete structures. (For more information, see the TIP white paper released in January 2015 by Pile Dynamics' George Piscsalko, P.E.) 

This month, upon learning of the award, Prof. Gray Mullins of the University of South Florida's civil and environmental engineering department, which aided in TIP’s development, told ASCE“While it is the goal of engineers and researchers to produce prolific findings, there are plenty of great ideas that never see the light of day. In this case, teaming with specialty engineers, progressive government agencies, and manufacturers was the ticket to shortening the road significantly." 

ASCE's Charles Pankow Award for Innovation was established by the Civil Engineering Research Foundation (CERF) in 1996. Named for industry visionary Charles J. Pankow, the award recognizes the contributions of organizations working collaboratively to advance the design and construction industry by introducing innovation into practice. It was instituted as an ASCE award in December 2008.

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