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Judgment Night looms large for AEC startups

Judgment Night looms large for AEC startups

| April 2, 2015

Shark Tank for the built environment? Not exactly. 

More like a refreshing swim with friendly, nurturing dolphins. Think Flipper!

BuiltWorlds' inaugural Judgment Night, sponsored by The Private Bank, will be a competition, but there will be no losers. Some participants may benefit more than others, and lasting commercial relationships may develop between contestants and our judges. But everyone on hand should leave this event smarter and better able both to gauge the needs of the marketplace and to formulate a strategy that may win over potential investors.

"We are excited about this night, and even see it as a service to the startup community in the AEC space," says Matt Abeles, BuiltWorlds' managing director and the event organizer. "The industry here really hasn't seen an event like this," he adds. "But it fits perfectly with our mission to connect the movers and shakers in the built environment with those young, innovative minds who have the potential to move us and shake us like never before."

With that in mind, BuiltWorlds is honored to have assembled an august body of tech and financial wizards with a soft spot for small business and a knack for picking winners. Our judges are Private Bank Managing Director John Hoesley Pritzker Group Venture Capital VP Gabe Greenbaum, Hyde Park Angels Managing Director Peter Wilkins, and Walbridge Technologies' GM John Jurewicz. They will ask questions, dispense advice, offer constructive criticism, and then at the end of the evening will choose the idea most likely to succeed.

Friendly foursome (from left): Hoesley, Greenbaum, Wilkins, and Jurewicz. (See? No sharks!)

WHO SHOULD APPEAR BEFORE OUR COURT?  If you are a tech firm serving the built environment looking to showcase your product, get constructive feedback from industry experts, and exposure to potential consumers, then you should be part of Judgment Night. To apply to be a part of this exciting first for Chicago, click HERE to fill out the application.

***Tickets are available now.***

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