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Autodesk helps sculpt architecture on the rocks

Autodesk helps sculpt
architecture on the rocks

by TODD STOLARSKI | April 1, 2015

How cool is this? Even as 3D printing hogs the spotlight, a lesser known sibling, 3D milling, is taking a splashy step into the limelight. Japanese ad firm TBWA\Hakuhodo recently combined a 3D Computer Numerical Control (CNC) router with Autodesk 123D software, and good old frozen water to drill, shave and shape an assortment of incredibly intricate miniature ice sculptures. As part of its ongoing campaign for Suntory Whisky, the firm ran Autodesk iOs software on iPads to manipulate a 3D CNC router in a room kept chill at 19° F to avoid melting. Be advised, though. Before you start planning your next Mad Men party around these custom cubes, you should know that each one can take anywhere from one to six hours to mill. Can't wait that long?

Pour yourself a cocktail, put your feet up, and watch the video below:

Photos: Keisuke Minoda

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