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You be the judge: SmarterShade

You be the judge: SmarterShade

| April 20, 2015

It's Earth Week, so what better time to meet several industry startups with a clever approach to reusing, re-purposing, recycling, re-energizing and revitalizing our built environment. Five creative young firms will be presenting this Thursday, April 23, at BuiltWorlds' inaugural Judgment Night, sponsored by The Private Bank. Let's meet our contestants. First up... SmarterShade!

Eventbrite - BuiltWorlds Judgment Night

SmarterShade - According to founder and CEO Mike Stacey, this technology "reinvents smart glass." Blinds and shades are awkward, he explains. They break, have limited energy control, and in the residential market, their cords and rods even pose risks to small children. SmarterShade, by contrast, is user-controlled but inexpensive, using no power or chemical reaction. It even controls for privacy and glare, in addition to energy use. For more, watch this video...

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